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After centuries of oppression at the hands of a callous aristocracy Jules is seeing a fairer republican society emerge. Then one day while supervising the good works of the Committee of Public Safety a terribly unsafe situation occasion arises due to some interfering English busybodies. Over the next few months Jules, his best pal Jim and their hard put upon superior Sgt. Roquefort are subjected to a Reign of Terror instigated by a flower wearing Surrey toff.

Book tickets now for a hard hitting exposé of the dangers of Britain being involved in European politics.



12:10:00 - For the Facebook refuseniks

Drinks for my definitly not significant birthday, 7pm 1st August, Three Tuns, Silver Street Head.



EVENT: Pub Crawl
ORGANIZER;CN=Tony Kennick:MAILTO:tony@pint.org.uk
DTSTART:2013-07-26 18:00 BST
SUMMARY:Not getting old honest (okay it may well be the day before my Birthday)
LOCATION:Rutland Arms
URL:https://www.facebook.com/events/430812190349889/ or https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/ci8ng7q50id3sn2pums9olgod1s
DESCRIPTION:Starting in the Rutland Arms and moving on to the Sheffield Tap, a quick one in the Old Queens Head, on to the Harlequin, then who knows.

(Yes I know I have butchered that, deal with it)


10:06:00 - Important: Child paracetamol dosages updated

The UK’s drug regulator has issued new dosage guidelines for children’s liquid medicines such as Calpol and Disprol.




Looking forward to a beer or two in the Hillsborough tonight.


15:46:00 - Friday 8th March at the Hillsborough

My folks are popping over next weekend and will be based in the Hillsborough, so I'll be drinking in there Friday evening if anyone wants to join in.


11:36:00 - Just so I've posted here at least once this year

Over my cold, the great DNS apocalypse of 2012 seems to have passed, sorry to everyone I've been grumpy at, normality is returning.

*disappears back to twitter*


10:24:00 - My birthday drinks

Starting at the Shakespeare, continuing around other Kelham island pubs
28th July, 19:00

Links for your calendar:


23:20:00 - Sakushi 1pm

27 Campo Ln


20:24:00 - Question

Have I mentioned that you really should come to watch Maskerade next week?
Well I have now!

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